Women of Color Empowerment/Men in the Movement


This part is for men of color in the movement fighting for equality. This often means fighting for equality but what comes first are the rights for you. This is for the men who are still engaging in derogatory jokes and language about womxn. And for the men who who continue to use their “celebrity” status in the movement to take advantage of womxn which leads to some of those womxn to loose hope in the movement. This is for men of color in the movement who still refuse to see the equal power that those who identify as womxn have, and our ability to lead. This movement will never advance if you’re still set in your ways and want to hold onto all of the power. I for one will not be contributing to images of men that take away from womxn. I am in solidarity with Che, Malcolm X, Pancho Villa, but pushing these images clearly takes away from what womxn have done. It makes us believe that our leaders are men. We need to shift these images. It is time. #womenempowerment #empowerment #womxn #chingonas #magic #movement #spirituality #worldischanging #womenleaders #solidarity #womenofcolor #menofcolor #peopleofcolor

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