OC Weekly – Ex-Bandmate Speaks Out



I told my story because I deserved to tell my story

I told my story because I cannot be silenced

Money does not have a hold on me

My girls stepped it up and told me that they would support me through my healing.

Las Cafeteras left me penniless, so my girls used their financial aid to cover the bills

They told me “Mom you have taken care of us for so many years, please let us take care of you”

I secluded myself in my room for months, and had to face the most darkest challenges in my life

My partner Piero had to stay with me

because he was scared I would end up doing something to myself

I would wake up in the middle of the night crying

He would sometimes cry with me because it hurt him to see me in so much pain

I fell into a deep depression, because I didn’t know how I was going to move on

I contemplated suicide

I would drive by the suicidal bridge in Pasadena

I would think that ending it all would clear me of all the pain I was feeling

Las Cafeteras was my whole world

It was how I shared a piece of my soul with the world

It was how I was making a difference

It was how I supported my family

It was all I did for about ten years

Las Cafeteras was not compassionate when they cut me out of the band

I endured a lot of mental and emotional abuse

Espeacially the last two weeks after speaking out against Daniel and Hector in a meeting

I tell my story to validate what happened to me

I tell my story to encourage others to tell their story

I tell my story to put light on patriarchy and misogony

I tell my story to push conversation

I tell my story to find solutions

I tell my story because I would want my girls to do the same

I am healing

I am picking up the pieces

I am stronger today

I still have my voice

My thoughts on the article:

The womyn are covering up for the men, and the men’s tactic is to be on their best behavior. Why is Hector Flores so silent now. This is such a Cafeteras move. Push the womyn in the front, and let us act as victims. Why is the community forum not about the issues that I brought up? Because it doesn’t benefit the group. They will be controlling the meeting the way the want to control it, and push the topic in a different direction. They will be using their charm, and will convince the audience that is a bigger issue than Cafeteras, and that since they are to victims of growing up in patriarchy and misogony society, then they shouldn’t be held accountable. Hector and Daniel’s tactic is to not answer questions they don’t want to answer, or answer in a way that it will work in their favor This very much happened in this article. Interviews have been requested only for Daniel and Hector to be present, but they won’t do it without the whole band. It’s really sad that Leah and Denise are covering up for them, and speaking out against me.

#silencekillspeople #silencekillswomyn



2 thoughts on “OC Weekly – Ex-Bandmate Speaks Out

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  1. When this forum happens, will you be there? If not, who will be there to make sure the hard questions are asked and this is not just some cheesy community meet up with a generalized conversation that goes nowhere? When is it happening anyway? People will forget as the focus on Christmas comes and goes.


    1. Hi Ricardo,

      As of now I am not planning on going. If you read the article on OC Weekly Denise mentions that the community forum will be about the issues that we face as a community, but not necessary what i wrote in my statement about the men. The community forum will be controlled by Las Cafeteras, and they will be persuading people to focus on a larger scale instead of addressing my story.


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