Another Womyn Speaks Up

I want to thank everyone that has reached out to me. I have received nothing but love and support. This story was shared with me today by Dollie Deville Who attended CalState Long Beach with Hector Flores of Las Cafeteras.
Dollie Deville wrote:
If you know the band Las Cafeteras READ the post below…
I for one have also dealt with verbal and mental abuse from Hector Flores during my involvement in La Raza at CSULB. The verbal, metal and emotional abuse was one of the main factors of me having to take medical leave for a semester during my academic career at CSULB. Everything Ms. Torres states in her statement is the mirror image of what I dealt with.
Mr. Flores manipulated both women and men in the organization to only focus on his agenda and NOT the community’s. For example, during officer meetings Mr. Flores would only take suggestions from attractive available women he was looking to sleep with or men. No surprise there Annette!
The feeling of never being heard, having women’s issues being mansplained to you, doing about 99% of the work for a large and well known organization b/c It was expected of you as a woman was a daunting and dehumanizing task.
I never supported Las Cafeteras being that I knew this was going on in the background w/ Mr. Flores’s involvement in the band. Men, gente, Chicanos who say they are feminists, for equality and the community (like Hector Flores) are looking for their
15-mintinues of fame and resorting to abuse as a domestic abuser would, in my opinion this is not someone we should look up to or boast about knowing.
Many will push this and Ms. Torres’s statement aside and will continue to support Mr. Flores and his band of mensos in their abusive endeavors, but my feeling is supporting someone who inflicts pain, abuse on a group is the same as a brown, Chicana/o liking and supporting Donald Trump. Ya… I compared Hector Flores’s abuse to the same abuse Donald Trump inflicts on the Latino community.
*This is my opinion based on my experiences dealing w Hector Flores.*

Please support by sharing this story.

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