Las Cafeteras – Mujer Soy

Denise came into rehearsal one time, and told us that she was told by some of the women in Boyle Heights that the men of Las Cafeteras were not allowed to perform in the International Women’s March because they didn’t believe the men of Las Cafeteras were for liberation of women.  We had a meeting the next day, and Daniel and Hector presented doing a video for Mujer Soy.  I knew this was a cover up, and show that Las Cafeteras were in fact in solidarity with women.  Behind the scenes though the women of Las Cafeteras asked to produce and direct the video, because it related to our story.  Hector got defensive and put up a fight.  Daniel just stood back and didn’t say anything.  We were shut down, and Hector agreed to have Denise on board helping both Daniel and Hector.  The reason why they had Denise help was because Hector knew that he could control her through the whole production, but having her their showed that a women was in fact part of the video, and he would still get credit for it.

They targeted Maryann, because of her relationship with Ovarion Psychos Cycles at the time.  She is also the mother of Hector’s niece.  I believe at first she was hesitant, but went ahead with the video.  They also knew that Maryann was their gateway to getting the Ovarions to participate.

I am not posting all this to be malice.  The truth needs to come out.  This is the only way we are going to heal the world.  If I would have stay silent, these men would have thought that they could continue doing what they are doing. Tomorrow I will post why the women didn’t support me.  Thank you again for listening, and thank you to those that have shown support.  I have been shaking and crying as I’ve been posting this.  It hurts me too.

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  1. I follow Visionary Rebel on IG.

    Speak your truth. This will give the strength to rise above and beyond. Never be silent. Don’t let anyone silence you. Their attempt to try and silence you speaks volumes of what they’re trying to hide.

    Be true to yourself. Set the example to others on how they should treat you. Accept NO disrespect.

    Humbly, I offer this advice.

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